1.  Before all exams and quizzes, you will be required to show the display on your calculator screen that indicates that the memory has been cleared.  You will not be given an exam/quiz until you can do so.  I will not have the time to do it for you, so please take a moment to reset your calculator before coming to class on these days.  For information  on how to reset your calculator, see http://kunklet.people.cofc.edu/TI104.html or your owner's manual. 

There is assigned seating for all tests and quizzes.  The seating chart can be found on my website.

Quiz 1 will be on Thursday 1/19.  It will include all topics from 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 that were covered in class:  Set theoretic notation, intersection, union, complement and containment.

4.  Quiz 2 will be on Tuesday 1/31.  It will cover sections 1.4, 1.5 and 2.1-2.3 in the Set Theory and Logic course supplement.

5.  Exam will be on Thursday 2/9  It will cover the course supplement on set theory and logic.

6.  Quiz 3 will be on Tuesday 2/21.  It will cover plurality and Borda count voting methods for determining a winner of an election, as well as the 4 criterion for fairness.  In particular, it will cover problems 1-6 on the voting worksheet.

7. Quiz 4 will be Thursday March 2.  It will cover the plurality-with-elimination method, the monotonicity criterion, the IIAC and counting (up through problem15 on worksheet).

The second exam will be on Tuesday, March 21.   It will cover sections 1.1-1.5, 16.1-16.3 and the graph theory topics from chapter 7 that were covered in class.  Calculators are allowed and strongly advised.  You will not be allowed to borrow a calculator or to go get one once the exam has started.  Be sure to test the batteries in advance.

9.  Quiz 5 will be on Thursday 3/30. 
  It will cover the worksheet on geometric and arithmetic growth of sequences.

10. The third exam is on Thursday April 13.  It will cover all class notes on sequences and financial math.